The-Sullivan-Group-v2Welcome to The Sullivan Group.

Based in Roseville, California, The Sullivan Group™ provides investment and retirement planning services to individuals, families Calculatorand corporations. With more than 25 years collective experience, our clients turn to us for objective, strategically guided financial advice and asset management services.

We are proud to note that The Sullivan Group is an independent firm, which makes us especially objective and trustworthy in our aim to better serve our clients, especially during these challenging economic times. Free from the pressures of the Wall Street investment conglomerates, we can further protect our clients’ interests and guarantee the unbiased advice they’ve come to know and trust.

1Have you considered: “Where are your current investments?  Are they really preparing you for your future goals and needs?” We can help you answer these questions. Consider taking just 5 minutes to take our interactive risk analysis quiz and receive your risk score. This is the foundation for all that we do.