Based in Roseville, California, The Sullivan Group™ provides investment and retirement planning services to individuals, families and corporations. With more than 30 years collective experience, our clients turn to us for objective, strategically guided financial advice and asset management services.

Our firm’s formation dates back 25 years to when Tom Sullivan, now a Fox Business Network anchor, launched The Sullivan Group as an investment firm. Sean Lehmann and Sullivan reintroduced The Sullivan Group in 1994 with Kurt Halverstadt joining in 1998. When Sullivan left the firm in 2007 to join Fox Business Network, Lehman and Halverstadt continued serving as managing partners.

Currently, Halverstadt manages the Northern California offices in Roseville, CA and has been joined by C.Jay Engel who is a financial and investment adviser. Engel is taking the firm into new territories and blazing the trail for services relevant to the 21st century.

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