We offer more than 30 years collective experience in investment and retirement planning. Whether you’re developing an estate plan to protect your heirs or planning your retirement, we help you create a plan that fits your goals, risk tolerance and timeline.

Unbiased and Independent
Our priority is to focus on what’s best for you, not what’s best for our firm. Rather than providing cookie-cutter offerings for the masses, as most brokerage houses do, we create customized financial strategies that work for our clients.

As an independent firm, we operate free from the pressures and bureaucracy of the major Wall Street conglomerates. The law requires us to serve as a fiduciary and always put your best interest first.

Schwab Institutional is the custodian of our clients’ assets. While other major firms were entangled in the TARP fiasco, Schwab Institutional maintained its stellar reputation for integrity and ethical business practices.

We have managed The Sullivan Group for the past 15 years, providing services to individuals, families and corporations. We’re here to stay. As your financial advisors, we will always act in your best interest – that’s our promise to you.