We believe that you cannot have a healthy investment strategy without an emphasis on Risk Analysis.

Which is why we have partnered with Riskalyze, to provide you with a free portfolio risk analysis.  What is Riskalyze and what can it do for you?

Riskalyze is a powerful and award-winning tool that pinpoints each client’s acceptable level of risk and reward.  It is catered specifically to you, within the parameters that YOU set based on YOUR financial and comfort levels.

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Here is how it works. First, you take a short 5 minute quiz. which covers topics like your portfolio size, your financial goals, and what you are able to risk in your investment strategies. Through this, you’ll create your own specific “Risk Number.”

1Now, how does the Risk Number that you just created line up with your current investment portfolio?  We input your current portfolio into the Riskalyze tool so we can compare your Risk Number with your current portfolio risk.  As it turns out, 4 out 5 people have more risk in their portfolios than they should have based on their quiz above! This can have serious ramifications!

Our next step then is to align your current investments with your given risk number. We work 2with you to construct a portfolio that is guided by the preferences and priorities that you had set at the beginning, never exposing you to more risk than you can handle. We aim to ensure that you are not in a riskier situation than you had first indicated was your risk threshold.

The best part of the Riskalyze tool is that it gives you peace of mind regarding our objectivity, trustworthiness, and transparency.

Part of our ongoing use of Riskalyze in maximizing our services to you includes activities such as:

  • 3Stress Testing: illustrating how your proposed portfolio would have fared through various market events over the past 8 years.



  • 4Reviewing Risk & Reward Potential: visualizing the risk/reward for individual investments, and how new decisions will impact your portfolio as a whole.



  • 5Tracking Your Retirement Map: reviewing your progress toward your financial goals, especially your path to your retirement. You’ll have what it takes to understand your probabilities of success and how we can impact it.


We encourage you to create your Risk Number today and discover how your current investment align with this number. This is the first step in securing your financial future!  Click here for the short quiz and begin your free portfolio risk analysis.