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Based in Roseville, California, The Sullivan Group™ provides investment and retirement planning services to individuals, families and corporations. With more than 25 years collective experience, our clients turn to us for objective, strategically guided financial advice and asset management services.

We are proud to note that The Sullivan Group is an independent firm, which makes us especially objective and trustworthy in our aim to better serve our clients, especially during these challenging economic times.

Free from the pressures of the Wall Street investment conglomerates, we can further protect our clients’ interests and guarantee the unbiased advice they’ve come to know and trust.

It is never too soon or too late to receive professional advice regarding your current financial and investment situation.  Whether you are seeking a strategy for transferring your wealth to the next generation, preparing for the transition into your retirement years, or making a decent income and just want to get started, we would love to talk to you and listen to your thoughts.

This is why, regardless of which phase in your financial path you are on, we would love to meet you via a FREE introductory conversation. We can help you:

  • begin to strategize 
  • assess your current financial situation
  • answer questions
  • give you some practical action steps.   

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